Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Federal Court in Charlotte, NC ruled in favor of Jeremy Mayfield, yesterday. He is now able to race in NASCAR sanctioned races after NASCAR, based on a questionable drug test, suspended him indefinitely. Mayfield had said the a combination of over the counter drugs had contributed to the blood test indicating methamphetamine use. This was backed by some physicians.
"In the court filings, Judge Graham Mullen said that the financial harm to done to Mayfield preventing him from racing, substantially outweighs the potential harm to NASCAR.
NASCAR officials stood by their arguments while respecting the court ruling. However, they plan to continue to fight Mayfield’s case in the courts." (
If this ruling stands NASCAR needs to rethink it's drug testing program to make sure of it's accuracy before ruling against a driver or crew member and ruining their personal and business lives.

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