Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jack Roush Injured in Jet Crash

While piloting his Hawker Beechcraft Premier jet, an accident occured upon landing, Tuesday. He is hospitalized in stable condition with facial lacerations. He and a passenger walked from the plane.
As information and updates are available, they will be posted to and

Monday, July 26, 2010

IndyCar Edmonton & F1 German Grand Prix

Dixon wins and Helio crosses the line first.
Helio C was called for blocking his teammate by Brian Barnhart, Chief Steward of IndyCar. Said block allowed Dixon into an apparent 2d place. Watch the replays (they are EVERYWHERE!)and decide for yourself.
Interestingly, in polls on and in the various forums, including, Mr. Barnhart may need Secret Service protection in order to continue as head honcho of the IndyCar rules. In one poll over 90% disagree with the call.
At Hockenheim, the German Grand Prix was a Ferrari 1-2 with Vettel third in the Red Bull after blowing the start. However, the Ferrari 1-2 came at the expense of F. Massa who was told "You are slower than Alonso", code for move over and let him pass you. Now of course, their are no team orders in F1 anymore, however, Massa made it clear, as he came out of the hairpin that, he was letting Alonso pass him. What happened to "if you are faster, then pass me" in F1? If it was Vettel behind Massa, this would not have been a issue.
Mr. Whitmarsh, Chief Steward of F1, ruled it was team orders and fined Ferrari $100K. Maybe IndyCar needs to steal him from F1!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ALMS at Lime Rock

What a great race. Good to see the Cytosport Team take the Porsche RS Spyder to a victory. A lot of carnage in the LMP class today.
GT was closely fought with the Flying Lizard Bergmeister/Long victory over the 2 Rahal BMW's. 5 in a row at this venue for Joerg! Sorry about Corvette's bad day.
Andy Lally takes another class win this year in GTC for Porsche and the LMPC class was a big victory for Jeanette, even after running out of fuel on the last lap. :0
Lottsa people at Lime Rock, and the ALMS is beginning to look better and better.

Matech to produce Ford LMGT for Endurance Racing

Following the announcement by the ACO on the 10th June, 2010 that there will be no LMGT1 category at Le Mans in 2011, Matech Concepts confirms a new programme to continue the evolution of the Matech Ford GT.

A limited series of up to 10 Matech Ford LMGT race cars will be built to the new ACO LMGT Endurance Category regulations and eligible to compete in Le Mans Series, American Le Mans Series and Asia Le Mans Series in addition to the 24 hours of Le Mans from 2011.

Delivery to customers will be available by end of 2010.

Matech Concepts’ President, Martin Bartek said, “When I heard the news at Le Mans that this would be the last year of GT1 cars racing in the 24 hours, my heart sank for a moment as this was the first year when the Ford GTs returned to Le Mans. But straight away, my mind was made up…we would build the Matech Ford LMGT car, purpose built for endurance racing, and incorporating everything we have learnt through our successes in GT3 and GT1. After meetings with the ACO and our technical partners, the highly successful FIA GT1 specification Matech Ford GT1 will be adapted to the new regulations. Every component has been designed and tested for 24 hour racing and will be highly competitive against the established GT cars. I’m very excited that the Ford GT will continue to race at Le Mans where it truly belongs.”

On hearing the news about that Matech will produce an endurance version of the Ford GT, Vincent Beaumesnil, Sporting Director for the ACO said, “It is fantastic news that Matech will be producing the Matech Ford Le Mans GT car. With the GT1 category no longer in the Le Mans Series, it’s important that the GT Endurance category grows in both the number of entries, but more importantly the diversity of entries, so it’s great that Matech have decided to build a GT Endurance specification Ford GT. Many people I spoke with at Le Mans last month said how wonderful it was to see the Ford GTs running again on the most famous track, and I have to agree. It’s great news for the Le Mans Series and great news for the fans that the Ford GT will continue to race as an endurance car. Well done Matech!”

Details and specifications

Delivery: Starting December 2010
Aerodynamics: Single profile rear wing, closed flat bottom with front splitter and rear diffuser
Engine: Roush Yates 5.3L V8 normally aspirated, power output restricted to approx. 500bhp
Gear change: Paddle shift / Manual gear lever
Gear ratios: Free choice
ECU: Bosch with traction control
Fuel tank: 2011 ACO regulations
Brakes: Steel disc brakes
Wheels: 12 x 18 front, 13 x 18 rear
Tyres: Front: 30/65/R18, Rear 31/71/R18
Weight: 1200kg minimum weight
Cockpit: Air conditioning fitted

Estimated price: €500,000

Aline Valinho, Press Officer

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Porsche 911 Hybrid GT3 R to Race at Petit LeMans

The Porsche Hybrid will run the 1000Km or 10 Hour Petit LeMans at Road Atlanta in October.
It will also be running in the Asian LMS Series, upcoming.
Bravo, Porsche!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Return!!!!!!!!

After a bit of a summer break, we are back.
The last two weekends have seen some remarkable racing in LMS, ADAC GT and DTM and the GrandAm, ALMS not so much, . At Toronto we had, for the IndyCar series, a decent battle, all be it with a lot of yellows, taking place on the streets.
I think we are seeing a resurgence in road racing in the US with good crowds at many races, other than Utah, which is to be expected when you build a track no one can get to easily.
The Texas GP which is proposed needs to take that into consideration. Especially since uncovered a very interesting financing system. See this link!