Wednesday, June 24, 2009

F1 And FIA Agree - Breakaway Series Cancelled

The FIA and the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) came to an agreement this AM with FOTA accepting the 2010 rules with a budget cap to be worked out over 3 years.
At the same time Max Mosley agreed not to run for FIA President at the end of his term in October.
My opinion is that meant more to the FOTA teams than the agreement, as the 2010 rules are now the 2009 rules to be "carried forward". This along within two years the budget will go back to the "early 1990's" level of spending. If you adjust the $ of, say, 1993 to today's $, that is not a huge change.
Hopefully the FIA can find a way to reign in Bernie Ecclestone's desire for more money by "selling" long standing venues such as the Canadian and US Grand Prixs, for sites in areas that can pay him more money, but permit few spectators to from making more races and end up being broadcast at 0 dark 30 in North America.
FOTA would have done that with a new series.
With the addition of 3 more teams for 2010, and the return of the regulars, it should be an interesting series. Look what ha happened this year!
What do you sy?

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