Thursday, September 13, 2012

Special Announcement from American Slot Car World

Carrera produces Carrera GO!!! World Rally Championship (WRC) cars and
American Slot Car World has the opportunity to import them.  Carrera of
America will not be bringing these cars to the North American market, but
we will!
We will have 2 versions of the Ford Fiesta, Citroen DS3, and Mini Cooper
Clubman.  Pictures are attached.
We need to know by NLT Monday, 17 September if you wish to purchase one or
more of these cars, and which one(s) you desire.  Please respond only if
you are interested, and are ready to order.  The price will be $17.95 to
$18.95, depending on the $/Euro exchange rate.  For this reason, we will
invoice all who respond when we know the exact price.
We will order the afternoon of 17 September.  SKU Number 61242 will not be
released until the 1st week of October,  and that is when all will be
shipped to us.  Shipping usually requires 10-14 days.
The Carrera GO!!! rally cars have always been great looking, well detailed
and fun to drive.  We think you will appreciate them.

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