Saturday, December 11, 2010

FIA GT1 & 3 Calendar and Rules Update

27.03 Abu Dhabi UAE
10.04 Zolder BEL
08.05 Algarve PRT
15.05 Sachsenring GER
05.06 Silverstone GBR
03.07 Navarra ESP
17.07 Paul Ricard FRA
04.09 Ordos CHN
23.10 Curitiba BRA
06.11 San Luis ARG*
* Subject to confirmation by the ASN

The Sachsenring race is to be confirmed by 21 December.

2011 FIA GT3 European Championship

08.05 Algarve PRT
05.06 Silverstone GBR
03.07 Navarra ESP
17.07 Paul Ricard FRA
21.08 Smolensk Ring**
16.10 Zandvoort NLD

From January 2011, success ballast in the FIA GT1 World Championship will be allocated to cars and drivers for each qualifying race, as well as the Championship race. In addition to the new scale for the qualifying race, the scale applied to the Championship race has also been amended.

Amended tyre regulations come into effect for GT1 from January 2011, which include an increase in the number of dry-weather tyres to six sets (of which only four are permitted for qualifying and the races). The intention is to allow the teams to use tyres to their maximum capacity during practice, reducing the necessity for additional costs with private testing.

For safety reasons, and to balance the performance of cars, success ballast allocated to a driver finishing in the top three places in a race counting towards the FIA GT3 European Championship will be converted into compensation times. These will be imposed during a pit stop and will be applied from one race to another, and do not accumulate from event to event.

The scale of compensation time, added to the minimum pit stop duration, allocated to each car and to the drivers for each race is as follows:

1st +15 seconds
2nd +10 seconds
3rd +5 seconds
From, 10 Dec 10

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