Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Kyosho DSlot43's are here!

Hi, Gang!
We have terrific news from Kyosho.
We have received a few of all the new cars:
The below are in limited quantities, but the additional cars will arrive soon!
D1431050101        ASTON MARTIN DBR9 LM2007  No009
D1431050102        ASTON MARTIN DBR9 JET ALLIANCE 2007 No33
D1431060101        MCLAREN F1 GT-R KOKUSAI KAIHATSU 1995
D1431060102        MCLAREN F1 GT-R BMW 1996
D1431070101        CORVETTE C6R 2007 LM #63
D1431070102        CHEVROLET CORVETTE C6R 2007 ALMS No4
We have a good supply of these:
D1431030401        PORSCHE CARRERA GT Silver
D1431030402        PORSCHE CARRERA GT White

We also have the body kits for these cars but some are in short supply also.

I promised to let you know and I am! Invoices will go out tomorrow after

We also have a resupply of parts coming in and some new inventory of parts
also, so check the website for availability and prices.

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