Friday, March 4, 2011

Catching Up!

We have been away for a while and not reported on the racing rumors and facts.
It was a busy off season with a myriad of coverage done on the new looks of F1, Robert Kubica's rally accident knocking him out for this season, at least, in F1 and the team and driver changes. But you can get that elsewhere. I recommend PitPass, edited by Chris Balfe. Excellent F1 coverage there.
In sports car racing, the trend to GT2, 3 & 4 continues in the LMS, ALMS, and other series, while SRO is doing a fine job with GT1, although no Corvette teams announced so far. Sad but true, I think GM is concentrating on the GT2 Corvette C6.R's and letting go of the GT1 world, for now.
Good news for the US is the race this Labor Day weekend in Baltimore with both IndyCar and the ALMS. Also, work seems to be progressing in Austin, TX with the new site of the US F1 race in 2012. To me, not the best site, as it is a fair jaunt for almost every F1 fan outside of Texas, but at least we have one. Maybe Tony George will realize he should have let his ego not get the best of him.
Starting Monday, we will have a weekly summary of the latest in racing, while managing to keep NASCAR in here, but not dominate like SPEED.
Keep the Black Side down!

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