Monday, July 26, 2010

IndyCar Edmonton & F1 German Grand Prix

Dixon wins and Helio crosses the line first.
Helio C was called for blocking his teammate by Brian Barnhart, Chief Steward of IndyCar. Said block allowed Dixon into an apparent 2d place. Watch the replays (they are EVERYWHERE!)and decide for yourself.
Interestingly, in polls on and in the various forums, including, Mr. Barnhart may need Secret Service protection in order to continue as head honcho of the IndyCar rules. In one poll over 90% disagree with the call.
At Hockenheim, the German Grand Prix was a Ferrari 1-2 with Vettel third in the Red Bull after blowing the start. However, the Ferrari 1-2 came at the expense of F. Massa who was told "You are slower than Alonso", code for move over and let him pass you. Now of course, their are no team orders in F1 anymore, however, Massa made it clear, as he came out of the hairpin that, he was letting Alonso pass him. What happened to "if you are faster, then pass me" in F1? If it was Vettel behind Massa, this would not have been a issue.
Mr. Whitmarsh, Chief Steward of F1, ruled it was team orders and fined Ferrari $100K. Maybe IndyCar needs to steal him from F1!

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