Monday, April 5, 2010

Formula 1

An exciting Australia an interesting Sepang. The Red Bulls didn't break and finished 1-2.
I think just because of outside circumstances (luck?), not rule changes or Bernie or anyone, we have parity, at least for now.
US F1 closed it's doors for good, finally, and Ken and Peter W, are looking for work, which I'm sure they would find, and work out nicely, on the line at a fast food joint.
At least they would learn how a product is turned out from start to finish.
Lotus is proving to be a nightmare realized rather than a dream, and HRT finished.
F. Massa leads the points but is only 15 ahead of 8th place Webber, who finished 2d to Vettel Sunday.
It could turn out to be almost as interesting as last year.

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