Friday, December 4, 2009

A Lot of Automotive News!

Bob Lutz has had his role expanded in product development at GM, along with Mark Reuss, formerly with the Australian Holden division, and Susan Docherty in Marketing.
This sounds like a tem that can get things headed in the right direction at GM.
Let's hope it is not too late.
Fiat is reconsidering the role of Alfa Romeo in the company and one of the suggestions is to use Chrysler platforms to replace older Alfa 159 and discontinued 166 platforms.
"Sergio Marchionne also stressed the need to adopt – and stick to – a long-term strategy with Alfa, in order to turn it into a profitable company, citing the company's numerous reinventions in recent years.
"We need to stop doing it. You cannot be a newborn Christian every four years. It's the same religion, eventually you need to own a religion and carry it to conclusion," said Marchionne.
Interesting perspective.

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