Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unrest in Formula 1

On November 4th, Ferrari released a statement that compares the "bailing out" of F1 big name teams and Bridgestone to Agatha Christies mystery novel, "Ten Little Indians.
No one knows, in that novel, who the murderer is until the last person is killed.
The comparison Ferrari makes is that everyone blames the economy, when in fact it is the rule makers and promoters of F1, the FIA and Bernie's group, that keep changing the 'playing field'.
Ferrari also states that the addition of new teams is not raising the level of F1 but simply filling the grid. This is an indirect slam at the new teams, starting from scratch, saying they are not worthy to compete at this level.
Some would say "Wait, Brawn did it!", but Brawn had a solid F1 basis of Honda and a proven leader like Mr. Brawn, to achieve in 1 year what Honda hadn't ever accomplished.
One cannot expect that of any of the new teams, IMHO.
I think Ferrari is correct.

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